Live Oak &  
Paulding Memorial Cemeteries


Deeds for cemetery lots convey only an easement for burial purposes and the title to the real estate remains in the Village of Paulding.

All conveyances of cemetery lots are held subject to the laws of the State of Ohio and all Rules and Regulations, which may be adopted from time to time by the Council of the Village of Paulding, Paulding, Ohio.

All cemetery lots are exempt from taxation and are not subject to be seized for debt nor attached by any other process of law, nor may they be mortgaged.

The Council of the Village of Paulding shall determine Sale price for all cemetery lots.

Ownership of cemetery lots may be transferred by devise, descent or assignment.Said transfer shall be made only to members of the previous owner's immediate family or their designated heir(s) and shall be made through the Village of Paulding.

Cemetery lot owners may cause an interment to be made on their lot of the remains of other members of the immediate family.

No body shall be interred in a lot unless it is of the owner of the lot, or has been authorized in writing by the owner or owner’s representative of the lot.

Sales of lots shall not be attended to on Sunday, except in the case of emergencies requiring immediate usage of the lot, as in the case of death from a contagious disease.

The boundaries of all cemetery lots are designated by cornerstones and numbers.These stones are set even with the surface of the ground, and no other boundary markers are permitted.

Monuments or markers cannot be placed on gravesites until the lot has been paid for in full.

At the time of interment, each casket shall be placed in either a cement or steel vault.

Mausoleums or above ground crypts are not permitted.

The installation and repair of all bases shall be performed at the expense of the lot owners.The installation of all bases shall be thirty-eight inches (38”) deep, four inches (4”) above ground, with a four-inch (4”) margin, constructed of six (6)-bag mix.

All bases shall be kept in line with the existing stones or in line with the front boundary line.

Gravestones shall be placed at the head of the grave, which includes Government markers that are attached to the head stone or used as a primary marker.Absolutely no footstones are to be used.

No flowers, vines, shrubs, or trees shall be planted on any lot.The Village of Paulding or their designees may remove any plantings, shrubs, or trees, which shall, by means of their roots, branches, or otherwise condition, become detrimental to the adjacent lots or avenues or become otherwise inconvenient.

The placement of boxes, shelves, toys, shepherd hooks, plant hangers, lawn edging, statues, or similar articles upon graves of lots or planting of flowers in the sod is prohibited.

The use of decorative stones, such as colored stones, crushed tile, marble chips or mulch is prohibited.The use of such stone, crushed tile, marble chips or mulch may cause removal by the Village of Paulding.

The construction of walks or steps on cemetery lots will not be permitted.

All grave decorations shall be removed from the cemetery before Easter, the exact date to be determined by the Cemetery Board of the Village of Paulding annually and posted to allow for annual cleanup.The Village of Paulding reserves the right to dispose of any decorations after the designated date.

The cemetery driveways will be plowed of snow at the discretion of the Village of Paulding.

All cemetery grave sites will be seeded and maintained only by the Village of Paulding or their designees at their discretion and timetables to allow for settling and leveling of the gravesite and for uniformity and beauty of the grounds.

The cemeteries shall be closed to the public from dusk until dawn.

Village of Paulding
116 South Main St. , Paulding , Ohio 45879